Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients

Module Benchwork FAQ

What tools do I need?
How do I assemble a module?
How long does it take to assemble a module/layout?
How do I attach modules together and add legs?
How should I attach my table surface to my modules?
Will benchwork support my sub roadbed method?
What are your packing and shipping rates?
Do you price match?

Custom Benchwork FAQ

I live far from Lakeland Florida, can you still help me?
Why should I let you build my benchwork?
Can you build my benchwork in stages?
Why build in modules?
Are all of your layouts modular?
How long will Construction take?
Will you ship to me?
I’m local, do you deliver or can I pick-up
I want to use your services, what happens now.
Do you require a deposit?
How do large project payment schedules work?
Payment schedule example
How much do benchwork design drawings cost?
What is the average cost of a custom layout?
What is your hourly rate for installation and other hourly projects?
Do you offer on site planning assistance or in home consultation?
Commercial layout bids?
What type of finishes do you offer?
What is the minimum and maximum size layout you will work on?

Other FAQ

Where are you located?
Is email the best way to contact you?
Do you make house calls?
What scales do you work with?
Can my train club get a discount?
How is different from other benchwork / layout builders?
What types of payments do you accept?
Why is your track planning pricing different for different scales?