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Model Railroad Benchwork

ModelRailroadBenchwork.com was started on the idea that any quality layout should start with quality benchwork, we believe that benchwork should be affordable, easy to use, and adaptable to any modelers needs.

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COVID-19 info

MRB is largely unaffected and as a small business of 1 person, I have been isolating since March 7th, 2020.  I have plenty of materials for my entire product line but please understand that everyone is stuck at home and model railroading is a popular indoor activity. Due to this I am busier than ever and I may run out of things I have to get from outside sources. These items include Leg adjusters, wheels and that sort of thing. In all possible instances I will try to provide an alternative if possible. 

Shipping:  I will only be shipping when I have to. This means your order may wait a few extra days so I can finish another order and thus ship them at the same time. The idea is to limit my exposure to this virus so I stay healthy.   In the event Fedex shuts down temporarily, I will stack orders and ship them as soon as soon as Fedex resumes service.  I will let you know by email or phone if your order is delayed for this reason.  

Processing time is 14-18 business days + shipping currently. 

The virus and packaging:  From everything I've read, the virus doesn't like cardboard and will only live 6 hours to 1 day on it.  When you receive your order, bring it inside and set it somewhere it can sit for 24hrs.  Don't forget to wash your hands.   Shipping typically takes 3 days so everything inside the box is already safe. 

Thank you for your understanding and be safe!  OnDrew 


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