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Dual Deck Brackets allow you to take a single deck layout and turn it into a multi deck layout with simple bolt together components. You can use these with every MRB module component available and in some cases you can even convert an existing layout to a multi deck layout with these brackets.

Dual Deck Brackets are offered in 4 varieties, two with wire & bolt holes and two without.  To keep things simple, there's basically two types, Notched which is meant to replace crossmembers within your benchwork modules allowing you to permanently install these brackets and not expand the footprint of your modules. The second kind is un-notched which you would bolt or screw your modules in-between sets of brackets.  This will make your project a little bigger, 3/4 of an inch on
each side, but it does allow you to take the dual deck layout apart in the future for more compact transportation or reconfiguration.  

I've included a few photos below of that they look like in action but for a real perspective on these in a realistic application  please check out my YouTube channel 

Why are these so expensive?  In short, they use up a lot of material and take a long time to make.  
Thank you for your understanding. 
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