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Plywood vs Dimensional Lumber

  • uses cabinet grade plywood exclusively for several reasons

  • Plywood is more dimensionally stable than pine lumber

  • Plywood does not twist or sag over time

  • Plywood is more versatile allowing for notches and drop down areas without reinforcement or extra legs

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Pocket Hole Screws and Wire Passages

Every module is predrilled with 4 pocket screw holes at each joint. Pocket hole screws provide:

  • A strong joint

  • Easier, faster and safer assembly

  • Easy and fast benchwork changes

Every module is drilled every 6 inches with a 1 inch hole that is then rounded over giving you plenty of room to run wires and communication cables.

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Transportable and Reusable benches can be easily broken down into manageable modules so should you decide to move one day you’ll save money and the heartache of having to scrap all of your hard work. Our modules conform to most club standards and are completely interchangeable and flip-able. If you someday decide to build a new layout you can reuse your existing modules without spending anything!

All Benchwork Features

  • All cabinet grade  plywood construction

  • 3 1/2 inch tall, 3/4 (18mm) thick plywood strips

  • 1 inch wiring passages every 6 inches

  • 5/16 bolt holes every 6 inches around the perimeter

  • All the necessary assembly screws and bolts

  • All modules can be used in any direction, even upside down.

  • Cross members are spaced a maximum of 18 inches apart.

  • Entirely customizable  (email for details if needed)

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Curved Benchwork

Proudly designed and made by MRB since 2011, MRB's Curved benchwork is a great way to fully support your track and curved facia.  Curved benchwork is available 28 standard sizes and can be custom ordered in any size or shape you might need.


Do You Need Wire & Bolt Holes?

MRB Modules are now available with bolt and wire holes  

or without!  



Save around 10% and only Drill holes where YOU want them!


Looking for something not listed?

Looking for something not listed in my regular catalog? Check out my Custom page for details on how I can fill your needs!

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