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Custom-made Dual Deck Bracket benchwork, part of our modular benchwork line, is designed especially for whatever size you need for your model train benchwork. Constructed using high-quality 3/4" (18mm) Birch plywood, each piece is cut to a height of 3.5 inches, ensuring maximum stability and support for your layout. With optional 1 inch wiring holes drilled where needed, you can easily and neatly organize your wiring. Our benchwork is fastened together using pocket hole joinery, providing the utmost strength and durability. 

Dual Deck Bracket benchwork will allow you to take a single deck layout and turn it into a multi-deck layout with simple bolt together components. You can use this product with every MRB module component available and even convert exsiting layouts into multi-deck layouts. 

This is the unnotched product which will allow you to bolt or screw your modules in-between sets of brackets. This will make your project a little bigger (3/4" per side), but allow yous you to take the dual deck layout apart in the future for more compact transportation or reconfiguration.

Dual Deck Brackets

PriceFrom $90.00
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