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Custom Benchwork

One thing I've learned over the course of building nearly 100 custom layout projects is that no two are ever the same. Whether your layout is small or an empire, your layout reflects you, and it's my job to take your ideas and make them real.  


Now you could be considering MRB for your project for any number or reasons but for me the thing I always emphasize is the amount of time it saves.  The typical model railroader will spend months building their benchwork and for anyone other than someone like myself who enjoys woodworking, most model railroaders would rather spend that time modeling trains, kit bashing structures or planning their scenery and that's what I do. I provide a shortcut that allows you to focus on the aspects of the hobby that interest you while I build quality benchwork meeting your needs, off site, and without the mess. 

Your project can be large or small

Your layout will be built to meet the needs of your available space based on your plans or the plans MRB can provide with our track planning service.


Every layout is built in modular sections off site which keeps the sawdust out of your layout space and also ensures your layout can be setup fast, and moved safely if it ever becomes necessary. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.52_edited.jpg

While every layout will vary depending on complexity and options most projects average $35-$50 a square foot.  Simpler projects with no grades or curved benchwork will be more affordable than multi deck empires with lots of curved benchwork. To better understand where you might land on this spectrum please call or email and I'm happy to review your project.  

So what's included?

  • Benchwork that's built to the shape needed.

  • Subroadbed installed and set to proper grades / clearances.

  • A 1:1 print of your track plan secured to the sub roadbed (when possible) to help you locate and install your track

  • customization based on your requests (within reason) 

Add ons​

  In addition to MRB's basic layout service MRB can also help you further customize your project by...

  • Installing cork or homosote

  • Installing track (any scale)

  • Installing bus wiring

  • Installing switch machines 

  • Installing switch panels 

  • Building drawers 

  • Installing wood or aluminum backdrops

  • Installing facia

  • painting or staining the project

  • building cabinet bases  

  • Building or installing other stuff you may ask for

Shipping / delivery with Installation 

   While shipping is a separate fee from custom benchwork contracts MRB does everything it can to keep this cost as affordable as possible. Fortunately, MRB is located in Central Florida which has a lot of shipping hubs which does help keep the cost down. In most cases layouts can be shipped from MRB to anywhere in the mainland United States for less than $1,000 with locations west of the Rockies averaging $1500. (A quote can be provided upon request)

In person Delivery and Installation

   Upon request or based on need, MRB is happy to arrange for in person delivery with installation.  Cost for this service is based on the truck rental fee plus $50 per hour of driving each way or one way + airfare. Additional costs such as a need for a hotel will be billed based on cost only.  In some cases MRB can deliver and install your layout for the same cost as freight shipping your layout so it's worth looking into.   Please note: In the case of layouts with track installed, Delivery is usually required. 

Install time

   For layouts being delivered and installed I typically include 4-8 hours of install time free of charge based on the overall size of the layout. Hours accumulated past that are billed at $25 per hour per installer (max 2 people). 

Other custom projects to complete your train room or layout

  • Slide Outs

  • Radius Templates

  • Train Storage Drawers

  • Cabinet Faces

  • Ceiling shelf Layouts (starting at $50 per foot)

  • Storage Drawers

  • N-Track Modules (10 module minimum

  • Work Stations

  • Drop Downs

  • Lift Outs

  • Helixes  -  Coming soon (need room for a CNC first) 

  • Control Panels

  • Waffle Bottom Skins for Stiffness

  • Furniture Grade Finishes 

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