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Comparing Modular vs Custom Benchwork

Modular Benchwork: Unleash Your Creativity

  • Convenient Assembly: Experience the ease of flat-packed delivery, just like assembling build to order furniture.

  • Versatile Options: Choose from several hundred modular options, and assemble them in endless combinations using included hardware.

  • Grid System: Our modular benchwork relies on a grid system, providing structure and flexibility for your layout where all pieces are compatible. 

  • Woodwork Is Required: While assembly is a breeze, keep in mind that modular benchwork does not come with a top surface, requiring additional woodwork once tables are assembled.

Custom Benchwork: Crafted for Your Vision

  • Tailored to Perfection: No compromising - customization that can be built your way to your specifications, space, and plans.

  • Integrated Features: Benefit from built-in drop-down areas for roads, rivers, and other tracks

  • Get Extra: Larger modules allow for efficient under-table storage options.

  • Ready-to-Go: Enjoy the luxury of having table surfaces installed and set to grade, making your layout ready for cork and track installation the same day.

  • Time Efficiency: Although pricier, custom benchwork can save you months in construction time, allowing you to focus on completing your room or building models.

  • Clean Construction: Say goodbye to sawdust in your home – having your benchwork custom-built off-site keeps your space neat and tidy.

  • Installation options are available! 

The Time-Saving Advantage

  • Experience a two-fold benefit with custom benchwork – not only does it fast-track your layout construction, but it also grants you extra time to concentrate on other aspects of your model railroad journey. At MRB, we believe in the overlooked advantages that come with keeping sawdust out of your home.

  • Make the smart choice for your model railroad – choose MRB for benchwork that aligns with your creativity, convenience, and time-saving preferences.

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