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In-Home Consultation

To Schedule Your In Home Consultation Please Call or Email Today!

An in home consultation is a great way to get that idea from your head on to paper in a form that is affordable, buildable and understandable. When I come to your home my job is to help you design a layout that will fit your space while insuring that your layout will be functional and within your budget.

A typical in home consultation lasts 1-2 hours depending on the size and complexity of your dreams. When the consultation is complete you will be provided with a layout benchwork cost estimate based on your layout requirements and you will also have a much better understanding of just how much layout you can fit in your allotted space based on your modeling scale and other layout requirements. Please note this is not a track planning service, However I do offer that service separately.

*This map is approximate. I use google for drive time estimates.

Florida residents

For clients within 1 hour of lakeland florida (or an event I’m attending) there is a $100 consulting fee. This fee is waved if a Custom Benchwork purchase deposit is received.

Clients over 75 Minutes away


A $50 premium per hour of driving is unfortunately necessary to cover both time and Gas.  Please Email me for a drive time estimate. Thank you for your understanding.

Outside of Florida

Outside of Florida Most in home consultations are handled over the phone with email support. In order to perform a consultation over the phone I would require; photos of the layout room, accurate room dimensions and any other reference material you think I would need.

Out of state in home consultations

If you would like to see me in person arrangements can be made to fly to your location however travel expenses would apply.

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