Stephen’s 8 x 12 foot HO layout

Premium benchwork.
Premium railroad benchwork.
This layout designed by, was built largely around the Stephens physical limitations. Notable items include a 42inch table surface, a removable lift out and custom curved benchwork which allowed Stephen to reach the windows and closet shelf without having to reach.
Benchwork viewed from the door.

The layout as viewed from the bedroom door.
A lowered section of curved benchwork

A drop down section in front of the window and a view of the curved benchwork in front of the closet

The second drop down section, also in front of a window
Lift out view

This a view of the removable lift out. Stephen prefers to run a point to point layout but wanted the option of running a loop when the grandkids were over. The lift out automatically aligns in the same position every time and can be secured with thumb screws.

Custom modular benchwork

Premium RailRoad Benchwork
This This is an example of custom modular benchwork. The hobbyist requested that I build modules with the cross members cut narrower than normal to allow for foam top to be placed flush with the outer frame.

A basic 7×10 layout

Premium RailRoad Benchwork
This 7 x 10 layout was built to customer provided plans. By using brass alignment pins I was able to reduce the total number of required legs to 8.

Custom NTRAK modules

Premium RailRoad Benchwork
This was another project designed by but built to the customers specifications. By combining 1/2 baltic birch with masonite and a one inch foam top I was able to build a module at half the weight of a standard module. These modules are also a great example of the Module alignment pin system that I developed and use on quite a few projects.
Benchwork module alignment pins

A view of the alignment pins
Benchwork module alignment pin holes

A view of the alignment pin holes
Bottom view of alignment pin holes

A bottom view of the module alignment pin holes
Bottom view of the module alignment pins

A bottom view of the module alignment pins. Note: The center cross brace is temporary until the glue securing the foam dries completely
Top view of custom NTRAK module.

This is a view of the top of the 1/2 baltic birch making up the endplate of the module. The customer plans on gluing PC ties to it to eliminate having to fuss with track joiners.
Another NTRAK module view

Another view

John’s 12ft x 30ft industrial switching layout.

Premium RailRoad Benchwork
Premium RailRoad Benchwork
A view of the corner. The 18×18 corner module is missing but otherwise these two modules are in their final position. The lowest level is a going to be water with 3 bridges crossing over on the right side of the photo and entering a 67inch radius curve. From there the track will enter an area where an ore ship is being unloaded on the right hand module. The upper level “center of picture” is a lift out for access to a security camera.
Top view of corner.

A top view of the corner.
The lift-out

The lift-out
Back of DCC plug position

A back side view of a DCC plug position. The one inch slot was enlarged on the back side so the plugs could be recessed if desired.
Front of DCC plug position.

This a front view of the same DCC plug position. This slot is wide enough for two plugs, yet narrow enough to cover with an electrical switch plate cover if desired.
Predrilled holes for bus and lighting wires.

All together I believe there were close to 500 pre drilled holes for bus and lighting wires.
The layout is huge.

I could not get the entire layout in this photo!
More of the layout.
Even more of the layout.
Underside of the layout.
Bottom of the layout.

Dana’s 4×8

Dana's 4 by 8

Video coming soon!
Sketch for Dana's Plans

An 8×10 / 8×8 Oak finished table.

8 by 10 oak finished table.
8 by 8 oak finished table.
This table was requested by an O scale hobbyist. This layout was designed with the option of suspending a two foot by eight foot leaf between the two main modules and it has a two inch lip to hide the foam board he plans on using for landscaping his layout.
More Coming Soon!